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The flow of time is always cruel

Dark Link is my Hero and my Soul.

Declan | 17 | Scotland

I blog mostly about Zelda, with a select few other video games thrown in the mix. Namely other Nintendo franchises, such as Pokemon, Mario Bros. and Super Smash Bros.. I also blog about anime and landscapes, but I have two other blogs for those. (Clicky links at the bottom!!)

From time to time I do livestreams too! So if you're into that sort of thing, be sure to check out my Twitch.

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I have my first day of Uni today. How thrilling!!!

video game meme: [4/7] sceneries
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

I thought Amazon pre-orders gave you the Twilight Princess costumes. Is it different for you guys in the EU?

I guess so.
Twilight Princess costumes are preorder bonus from GAME stores.
Skyward Sword costumes are preorder bonus from Amazon.
Ocarina of Time costumes are preorder bonus from Nintendo UK store.

bbassclef replied to your post: So it turns out that the alternate cos…

I preordered my copy as soon as i was able too, and then found out about the dlc costume thing. not even sure if australia is even getting the dlc costumes so yay australia

Well even if you don’t get any pre-order bonus DLC (which I hope you do!) the outfits are to be purchasable from the e-shop at a later date. So if you REALLY wanted them, I suppose you won’t be missing out too much.